The Fifty-Seventh Presidential Inauguration on January 21, 2013 presented by the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies.


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Enabling Location Services on Your Smartphone

If you were not prompted to allow the website to find your current location, most likely you have the Location Services turned off for your phone's web browser.

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Basic instructions:

  1. Go to your Android phone's Settings.
  2. Select Location or Location & security from the menu.
  3. Make sure that GPS location services and/or Use wireless networks is enabled.

Because of the nature of the Android operating system, your phone may have different settings.

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Reading PDF Documents

On occasion you will be asked to view documents in PDF format. PDF files present material in publication-quality format retaining the exact look and feel of the original document. You will need a PDF viewer like Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view the files. The latest version of Adobe Reader can be downloaded from Adobe Systems.

Watching Archive Video

On occasion you will be able to view historic video footage. Using a desktop computer, you may need to have the Adobe Flash Player plugin installed; using a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device, the video should play without any plugins.

Watching Live Video

The U.S. Senate uses the HTTP Live Streaming protocol to provide its live video streams.

Desktop Computers

Modern web browsers on desktop computers should have no problem accessing and playing back the stream

Smartphones, Tablets and Other Mobile Devices

  • Android: Android devices may be able to access the U.S. Senate's live video stream. The Senate's video player is programmed to attempt to open the video in an external application capable of playing live video streams.  Some Android phones come with HLS-compliant media players preinstalled. If not, you will need to install one manually.  Visit the Google Play Store to find an app capable of playing HLS video.
  • BlackBerry: BlackBerry devices that cannot use the Adobe Flash Player will not be able to access the U.S. Senate's live video stream.
  • iOS: iOS devices should be able to access the U.S. Senate's live video stream.
  • Windows Phone: Windows Phone devices currently only support Silverlight Live Streaming and cannot access the U.S. Senate's live video stream