The 23rd Presidential


Rutherford B. Hayes

March 05, 1877



‘Fellow-Citizens: We have assembled to repeat the public ceremonial, begun by Washington, observed by all my predecessors, and now a time-honored custom, which marks the commencement of a new term of the Presidential office.’

Presidential Oath of Office

Administered to Rutherford B. Hayes by the Honorable Morrison R. Waite, Chief Justice of the United States.

Vice Presidential Oath of Office

Administered to William Wheeler.

Facts, Firsts &


March 4, 1877 fell on Sunday, so Hayes privately took oath of office on Saturday, March 3 in the White House Red Room to ensure peaceful transition of power; the public Inauguration was on Monday, March 5.

East Portico, U.S. Capitol
Washington, DC
Cloudy with brief periods of light snow. Estimated noon temperature of 35°F.
Bible provided by D. W. Middleton, Clerk of the Supreme Court, open to Psalm 118:11-13.